Discover How You Can Be More Productive When Writing: Four Tools

Or how to become insanely productive when producing articles

It’s not a secret that the written word is an important part of digital marketing. According to Forbes, 93% of consumers trust content created by businesses over all other forms of advertising. Blogging, articles and reports are what essentially builds your brand. Developing quality content is an important skill, however, quality comes with time and practice. If you want to become a better writer, here I share four tools that will improve your writing and skyrocket your content strategy.


Substack is a new tool for publishing, testing, and building an email subscriber list. It’s like a blog, but instead of a single post, you can build a library of content. Then you can install an endpoint (such as which will allow your readers to subscribe and get new content via email. This makes it easier to follow people who you might not have the time to read every day. Your readers can also leverage their subscriptions to discover new work by other creators too. is a website that allows you to create content in both English and Spanish. It does this by combining an intelligent piece of software with a user-friendly interface. I don’t know about you, but in my experience, the more time I can save when creating content, the better. After all—who wants to write articles manually?

How does it work? Basically, think about as a tool that will empower you to write or spin original articles with different contents without having to spend time doing it yourself. In addition to that, they have a premium feature that helps you generate paragraphs in various languages.


WordTune is a set of tools to support you to publish content in multiple languages. The core of WordTune is the sentence tuning plugin which helps you to rewrite your sentences, as well as your blog post, into multiple languages. By default, WordPress use WPML which needs too much time and efforts to rewrite one sentence just using their own editor. With WordTune it can be done in seconds.


Now, as a writer, you have to know that the success of your blog is highly dependent on the quality of content. Grammar is a key ingredient in good writing. It appeals to native speakers and even more so, it helps to understand your audience better.

Grammarly is a brilliant tool that will stop you from making simple grammar mistakes, confusing words, and writing awkward sentences. Even more than that, it gives you insightful suggestions about how to create better content. This allows you to create publishable content without having to worry about all the grammar rules.


You can save a lot of money by abandoning expensive freelancers and invest in some good software. You're never going to become productive and produce quality content until you embrace automation. With some apps, all you need is a mouse click to publish a new blog post. It’s easy peasy.

The Writers Post Mortem

Everything above this section was computer generated and computer edited. I’ve written a couple of broken sentences for each paragraph. For this section, I am still using Grammarly and Wordtune (and obviously Substack) and by the time I am done, I will probably have had AI rewrite all the sentences. I recorded the making of this document, which you can enjoy here:

The total cost of these tools $720 per year. For comparison, I hired a writer on Fiverr and paid $180 for something that was literally unpublishable. In the next few days, I will attempt to write more technical articles with these tools, so subscribe if you want to know how well that works.